What’s After Life?

Evidence from the New York Times Bestselling Book Imagine Heaven. John Burke

Insights based on more than one thousand accounts of near-death experiences. Get a free audiobook copy with promo code: whatsafteratx

Evidence of the afterlife:

The science of near-death experiences. J. Long & P. Perry.

The largest study of near-death experiences ever published provides powerful evidence for their reality and the existence of an afterlife.

The handbook of near-death experiences:

Thirty years of investigation. J. Holden, B. Holden, D. James.

Consistently mentioned among the best sources of scholarly information about near-death experiences.

The near-death experiences of hospitalized intensive care patients:

A five year clinical study. Sartori, P. Edwin

The results of a prospective study of near-death experiences that includes extensive scholarly discussion.

Irreducible mind:

Toward a psychology for the 21st century. E. F. Kelly, E. W. Kelly, A. Crabtree, A. Gauld, M. Grosso, and B. Greyson

An excellent source of scholarly information about experiences related to near-death experiences.

Brain death and disorders of consciousness, van Lommel, P.

An excerpt of the largest prospective study of near-death-experiences ever published.

If Morning Never Comes. VandenBush, B.

The remarkable personal story of a soldier’s near-death experience on the battlefield.

Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence. Carde’a, E., Lynn, S., & Krippner, S.

A compelling case for the inclusion of marginalized and under-recognized experiences as not merely incidental, but essential to our understanding of human psychology.

Blessing in Disguise: Another Side of the Near-Death Experience. Rommer, B

A hard-nosed Florida police officer shares the frightening side of near-death experiences.

Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind. Ring, K., and Cooper, S.

The best source of information about near-death and out-of-body experiences in the blind.

Lessons from the Light: What we can learn from the near-death experience. Ring, K. & Valarino, E.

An excellent presentation of the lessons we can all learn from near-death experiences and the culmination of decades of research.

The Truth in the Light. Fenwick, P., & Fenwick, E.

An in-depth investigation of over 300 near-death experiences.

Hello from Heaven. Guggenheim, B. & Guggenheim, J.

A new field of research on a type of experience related to near-death experiences: after-death communication.

Lessons from the Light: Insights from a journey to the other side. Rogers, S.

One woman’s account of her own near-death experience that changed her outlook forever.

Love is the Link: A hospice doctor shares her experience of near-death and dying. Kircher, P.

A hospice physician shares her own near-death experience and lessons learned.

After the Light: What I discovered on the other side of life that can change your world. Sharp, K. C.

What one woman discovered on the other side of life that can change your world.

Dying to Live: Near-Death Experiences. Blackmore, S.

A leading expert in near-death experiences explores what psychology, biology, and medicine has to say.

Embraced by the Light. Eadie, B.

A first-person account of one woman’s dramatic near-death experience.

Transformed by the Light: The Powerful Effect of Near-Death Experiences on People’s Lives. Morse, M. L., and Perry, P.

Book by a leading children’s near-death experience researcher that covers the powerful effects on people’s lives.

Closer to the Light: Learning From the Near-Death Experiences of Children. Morse, M. and Perry, P.

A classic book on children’s near-death experiences.

Heading Toward Omega: In Search of the Meaning of the Near-Death Experience. Ring, K.

An important early study of hundreds of near-death experiences.

The Near-Death Experience: Problems, Prospects, Perspectives. B. Greyson and C.

An early classic study and scholarly book covering near-death experiences.

Recollections of Death: A Medical Investigation. Sabom, M.

The first large prospective study and collection of clinical evidence covering near-death experiences.

Life after Life. Moody, R.

The first book to introduce the term ‘near-death experience,’ this classic presents the first large near-death experience research study.

Reflections of Life after Life. Moody, R.

An expansion on Dr. Moody’s previous book ‘Life After Life.’


People from all walks of life have shared their near-death experiences. The only thing more remarkable than their stories are the similarities.

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Researchers and other organizations have been compiling examples and details on near-death experiences from around the world for years.



Find out what it all means.


More than one thousand accounts of near-death experiences shaped the insights in this book by New York Times best-selling author, John Burke. If you’ve lost a loved one, received a frightening diagnosis, or wondered about what happens after death, this concise look at the life to come will bring you hope and reassurance.

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